Thursday, July 27, 2006

Can't think of an interesting title

Lunch was great! I was expecting it to be good, but this was very yummy pizza! There were all different types of toppings and being as picky as I am, there were even several other toppings that I might be coaxed into trying if we should ever go back there (which there's a high possability of). I also got to see her and he boyfriend's house (hmm....we'll call him Mr., he's not bald! He, unlike many guys, actually appreciates a clean house and is willing to actually CLEAN to keep it that way...instead of looking at the wife/girlfriend and saying "uh, the carpet could use some vacuuming"). Anyway, their house is really cool and has lot of neat angles and lots of the colors that I actually picked out for our house! How neat. :)

SM and I also did something that I've wanted to do since I moved here. Walk around "semi-downtown" and look at stuff. I'm always kinda scared to drive around here since I don't live near the downtown area and all the streets suck. It's really very pretty and quiet around there with a lot of nice houses, although some of them look like giant cubes. It started sounding like thunder so we went back to SM and MC's house and I finally got to meet their elusive cat. I'd met the other one earlier in the day, but William finally came out from under the bed. He seemed to warm up to me pretty quick, but what can I say? I have animal magetism! (When I walk outside, squirrels stick to my sweater. hehehe)

On my way home, I end up taking about a million wrong turns (ok, only 1, but I thought I had made many more) and it took 30 minutes to get home! Blasted rush hour!

I let my 2 kitties sniff my hands, since they still smelled of Edgar and William (SM and MC's two kitties...they're cool is that?) and neither of them seemed to care, which is weird. Normally when they smell a new cat they will sit and sniff my hands as long as I'll let them, but they seemed more interested in getting treats.

I sure hope this isn't turning out too boring. I realize that my day-to-day life probably doesn't hold much interest, but I sure am proud of myself for making more than one post and then forgetting about it!

I can't believe tomorrow is FRIDAY! YAY! This week went by so fast! Probably because I was sort of zombie-like Monday and Tuesday. Didn't feel well at all, but no worries, I'm all better now! Oh, forgot to mention, on the way back to her house, SM and I stopped at a coffee shop I'd never been to before and I got just about the strongest coffee I've ever had....4 (count 'em...FOUR) shots of espresso in it! I think I'd actually bounce off the walls right now if I wasn't afraid of breaking stuff (picture frames, bones, etc...). I'm used to the frapuccinos at Starbuck's, myself. I think I ought to stick to those from now on. I am working on learning how to make those at home, since they're rather draining on the wallet, and I think I'm making headway. Still not exactly the same, but I'm getting there!


Kris said...

hahah holy crap girl....I didn't know that espresso was going to get you into a cleaning frenzy!

Oh and great blog...great writing...keep it up barnmouse! ;) And it was good hanging w/ you yesterday.

Btw...SM...kind of sounds like your labeling me a Sadomasochist...ahhh! (Well at least it's not

barnmouse said...

Yes! A cleaning frenzy that lasted into the wee hours of the morning! *LOL*

Thanks (on the blog) and it was great hanging out with you too! We'll (all 4 of us) have to get together soon.

It's interesting that that's where your mind goes when you hear SM hehehe....maybe one too many psychology classes? lol