Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Dirty, Messy, Flour Covered Secrets

Alright. I am about to tell y'all my dirty little secret. Now, you are going to think that this is weird, but I'm going to tell you anyway. Generally, when I tell people this, I get a "raised eyebrow look" and an "uhh...really?". Yet I am still willing to let y'all in on my little secret.

Why? I don't know. I think maybe I'm feeling a little guilty for all the really boring stuff I have been writing about lately.

So, right. I will just spill it then.

I make my dog's treats. Yes I do. From scratch. I am actually working on making it into my own little business.

I know! How cute is that? It took me awhile to come up with a name that hadn't been used to death.

By the way, you're looking just lovely today. Is that a new haircut?

So, that is my little secret. I make dog treats. Of all different shapes and kinds. With adorable, clever, catchy little names that hopefully will make people just want to snatch them up. Such as "Woofles" (waffle-ish type treats, drizzled with melted carob - because chocolate is not good for our four-legged friends), "Muddy Paws" (paw-shaped peanut butter treats with carob painted on the they look muddy! These are also a variation of "Puppy Paws" which are the same, just without the carob on the toes), and "Honey Bunnies" (honey flavored treats shaped like bunnies!). And much, much more!

They are all made with wheat flour (unless the doggy had a wheat allergy, then they're made with other things such as rice flour), soy milk (because lactose is also not good for them), and other human food grade goodies.

I had no idea all of this would follow after I spilled my little secret. I'm kind of a nerd like that. I've even gone so far as to make an email address for the biz: . (Also, too adorable for words)

And....just cause you know I love y'all....

These are the small versions of the "Muddy Paws". Aren't they CUTE???

Shadow is proud to be Canine Confections official taste tester, as are Maddie and her mommy, but mostly just Shadow. I'm even getting slobber-covered applications shoved through the fence from the cute little corgy next door. I made a batch of the "Puppy Paws" for one of Rat's work friend's dog who is very picky about treats and never eats any of them, and she ate ALL of the ones I sent. That's happened with several different dogs actually. I guess with having a dog like Shadow, I don't really understand a dog who is "picky" about treats. I mean, Shadow tries to eat his brush.

So anyway, that's my seeeeecret. Please continue to read my blog. I'm not Martha. Promise.


Hyman said...

What an AWESOME adventure for you! My one friend used to invite my daughter over, to give me some arrand time, and they would make her dog from-scratch doggie treats in the shape of bones. She got the rescipe from somewhere, but the little one LOVED it.

You should think about selling mix packages too or kits cause little kids LOVE making that stuff.

The already made treats are awesome for us that are to lazy to 'bake' for our puppies! :)

Good luck, and keep us updated!!

barnmouse said...

Aww! That's such a great thing to do with a little kid! And the best part is, when you're done baking them, you don't have any desire to eat them! That's one of my favorite parts.

The idea of the mix stuff is Great! I never thought of that. Oddly enough we bought my aunts and uncles-in-law several of those things for brownies and cookes and such. I have no idea why I didn't think of doing that for dog treats. Several of the recipes I've come up with only call for water for the liquid part.

I'll definitely be writing about the dog treat adventures more and more as it gets warmer. For some reason I enjoy making the treats more when it's not so cold. I think it's all the hand-washing.

Thanks for the good luck wishes!