Sunday, January 7, 2007

The World Has Been Taken Over by Aliens!

Oh no, wait, that's just what I've been forced to watch for the past several hours.

Y'all...the world is coming to an end.

Yes, that's exactly what it looks like. The gods smiled on "The Computer Whisperer" while we were at Target today. Whenever we go there, he always leaves me with the cart and books it over to the electronics section and plays the PS3 they have set up there, much to the dismay of all the little kids there waiting in line for him to die (in the game, of course). Today, he did the same thing, but then noticed that partially obscured behind the PS3 sign, was in fact *gasp* the actual console....and it was For! Sale!

I learn all about this after I drug the shopping cart all around the store and loaded up, what appears to be, our yearly supply of Mt Dew and Diet Mt Dew, plus a six pack of Dr Pepper, just for diversity (when in fact, it's just about a 3 weeks worth....hee hee), and found the dish soap because we have to buy it from Target, IT'S ONE DOLLAR CHEAPER OHMYGOD.

I make my way over to the game department, trying not to step on the little kid who is making it his immediate goal to get run over by a 300 pound shopping cart filled with diet mounting dew goodness, and Hubby glances at me, while still playing the game, and says "What would you say if I bought this?".

Um. Yeah. What?

Obviously, he won that one.

Now answer me this, wouldn't you think, if you bought a $599.99 game console (PLUS TAX) that a game would come with it? Yeah, that's what I thought too. But no. NO! NO FREE GAME FOR YOU! So $60 extra (technically $59) for a game so you can use the damn thing.

At least he's happy. This is actually his birthday present, which is in February. The end of February. Oh well, at least I got a fleece jacket thing out of it all.

So let's recap....

PS3 game = $59 (see above parenthases)
fleece jacket for me = $12 on clearance

Yeah. That's balanced.

I'd better go, I think the aliens are trying to take over again.

Oh yeah, and I went a little link-crazy. Sorry 'bout that.


Shell said...

I smell your credit card burning...

Glad my Boyfriend doesn't get into that stuff.

barnmouse said...

LOL Actually, it just went back to the store. Hubby came to his senses! Thank GAWD! Also, my new fleece jacket...NOT living at the store. Hee.