Friday, December 15, 2006

There's no place like home

Ya' know, everyone moves away from home. And that's a good thing. The kids are glad to be out. The parents are glad to finally have their house back to themselves. The house is probably glad too.

But there are those times, when something happens, that the first thought in your head (no matter how old you are) is "I WANT MY MOMMY!!!".

Like now. When I just ran over my foot with the door to the closet. All I could utter was "ow". But I was screaming in my head.

My parents live about 2 hours away. Which is not bad. Two hours is a very short distance in the scheme of things. But I doubt they'd drive those two hours to look at my poor purple toe. I mean, there's not even any blood. But ow! It'a amazing how much pain the combination of a door and toe can make. And it's not even a big toe. It's the toe that, according to "finger law" should be called the "ring toe". According to "Little Piggy Law" it's the little piggy who had none. Man, this poor piggy sure got the short end of the stick here.

And yes. I did write a whole blog post about my toe. Yes I did.

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