Thursday, October 19, 2006

It's "Pun'kin Carvin' Thursday"!

I just love carving pumpkins. I think that's one of my favorite things about Halloween. I would carve 10 pumpkins if The Husband would let me actually purchase 10 pumpkins! I read in one of those weekly grocery store ad thingys from Harris Teeter that their "Large" pumpkins were on sale for $3.99. Well WooHoo!!! I'm totally there!

Every year, The Husband and I take a little trip (okay, actually, I nearly have to drag him by his hair) out to one of those pumpkin places on the side of the road and get a pumpkin or two (and I always make him get me one of those teeny tiny little baby pumpkins). It's kind of become one of our little traditions. Like picking out a Christmas ornament together every year.

Only problem is, The Husband is one of those "let's put up the Christmas tree two days before Christmas and take it down one day after" kind of guys and I'm all "it's December 1st! Time to go get a tree and leave it up until halfway through January!". He's like that with Halloween stuff too. I was ready to get a pumpkin the first time we drove by one of those pumpkin patches on the side of the road.

So AAANYway....I got me a cute pumpkin at the grocery store and decided that I would carve it today. Ergo, Pun'kin Carvin' Thursday!

The kitties were thoroughly enjoying having the front door open, being able to see out of the glass door. Every once in awhile I would turn around and hold up the half-carved pumpkin and await their approval, which of course I got, by way of blinking sleepy eyes and twitching tails.

The pictures never really come out well when I take them during the day, but since I got my spiffy new digital camera, I'll give it a try later on today and will post a few if they come out good.

So what's everybody being for Halloween???

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