Thursday, September 14, 2006

there's got to be something else to clean...

We're having my friend "Super Model" and her significant other "Mr Clean" (no...not bald! Just does a lot of cleaning...hehe) over for dinner tonight. I've been cleaning for the past few days, but with 2 cats and a huge dog with white hair that, it would seem, falls out by the handful (seriously, he should be bald by now!) to see our trash can, you'd think this is the first time I'd ever cleaned this house! I had to sweep the stairs off twice since the first pass stirred up so much dang cat hair, it looked like I hadn't cleaned at all. That's the problem. If I know in advance that we're having company, I still can't start really cleaning until 2 days before because I'd just end up having to do it all over again. So...I've gotten all up into my cleaning groove....and now there's nothing left.

I'm clean-crashing.

I need a fix, man!

Someone spill something, quick!

I'm considering letting the dog run around inside just for the hair tumbleweeds.

I guess I could vacuum one more time, but I'm afraid Computer Guy will stage an intervention and take all my Swiffer stuff away from me...

Hmm....maybe some more caffiene will help....

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