Saturday, July 29, 2006

I Want To Scream!


No, I'm not becoming a pirate. I'm incredibly P.O.'d at Dish Network!

After waiting all day yesterday for "the call" that they'd have to post pone our so-called 'appointment' that was for today, I was so happy that it never came! What we DID get, however was a CONFIRMATION CALL!!!

Okay, maybe this is where I'm going wrong...I thought that the definition of "CONFIRMATION" was:

a. The act of confirming.
b. Something that confirms; verification

Boy was I wrong!!!

Apparently it means that they just needed to give somebody "busy work" yesterday and gave them a list of people to call and say that our appointment was confirmed!

What. A. Crock!

We got a call this morning at 8AM.....on a Saturday.....AT 8 IN THE MORNING!!! I'm sorry, but I love sleep. I love to sleep late. I feel much better when I do. And the only time I can do this is on the weekend! Oh no....not today though...

Okay, like I said. Our phone rings at 8AM...I do not answer it. Computer Guy had to get out of bed and walk all the way around it to the phone. I thought the phone was ringing in my dream. I hate when that happens. So he picks up the phone and mumbles something. I don't know. I wasn't really listening. Lately we've been getting bombarded by those incredibly annoying survey people..."Oh, this is a short survey. It won't take long." and hour later.....still on the phone!

Back to Dish Net. They've cancelled our appointment.....AGAIN!!! I'm trying to convince CG to find another way to get his beloved channels of junk that we never watch. But alas, we've already had problems with TWC. 2 years after we cut off their service (for the wonderful ol' folks down at Dish Network) they send us a bill! I'm sorry? What?! They have no idea what they're doing either! Jeezey Creezy!

Our appointment is now for the 12th (2 weeks away) between 1AM and, not really, but it may as well be. It's actually for 8-12:30. But really...what's the difference?

So, to recap:

  • this is the 4th time they've rescheduled
  • we were supposed to have our new reciever a week ago
  • we've had confirmation of TWO seperate appointments that they've then cancelled

I've had it up to here *holding hand above head* with these people! What do we have to do to get our new receiver?! Apparently someone is getting them. Is it like at the grocery store when someone will buy all the hotdog buns? Did a delivery guy decide that he wanted them all and ran off with them? How many times could something happen to ALL the receivers? Or are we just the unlucky ones that keep getting bumped? You'd think they'd bump someone different each the logical thing to think is that many people are getting those automated calls. They probably made them a recording so their people would stop getting yelled at for being so stupid.

It's called a network people....look into one!


TM said...

The answer is very simple, Barn Mouse...shoot them when they come to fix it. If they know what the consequences are, they will do a much better job and in a timely manner the next time you have a problem. It works well for me, but I have to move alot.

barnmouse said...

Unfortunately that won't work for me....I like my house. I'd sure hate to have to move ;)

Arlene said...

LOL, sounds just like our house right now!!!!