Friday, July 28, 2006

The Dish Network Saga...


We have satellite television.


Our satellite dish receiver is malfunctioning (the third of this model that we have owned).


We decided that since we were going to have to call Dish Net to get them out here and PAY them to fix whatever is wrong (we're missing a good 1/3 of the channels that we're paying an arm and a leg for) that we would go ahead and upgrade to the HDTV model since we've recently purchased a tv that supports that. guessed it.....UGH!

We called last week on Thursday. They gave us an "appointment" for Sunday between 12:30 and 5 pm. I say "appointment" in quotations because anything that has that broad of a time frame is NOT an appointment. Anyway, on Saturday, we received a recording phone call saying that due to high demand for the HDTV receiver, they don't have one for us and we'll have to call them back to make another appointment.

Grrrrrr....wouldn't they have known this on Thursday?!

So we call back. Like the good little Dish-Net-Customer-Puppets that we are. We get an appointment for Tuesday between 12:30 and 5. We get ANOTHER automated call Monday saying that "due to high demand....blah blah blah". We call back...AGAIN.... This time the appointment is for NEXT Tuesday between 8am and 12.


I'll never get my beloved Food Network back.

We get yet another call saying the same ol' thang....that we should call them back to we did. NOT happy this time.... The girl that Computer Guy talked to seemed confused. She said that we were still scheduled for Tuesday between 8am and 12, but did we want to reschedule for another time? WHAT?! Are you insane?! CG made kind of a big deal about how many times they've canceled their appointments and long story (just a little bit) shorter we now have an appointmet for Saturday! WoooHooo!!! Only a week after we were supposed to have our new receiver!

I'm still waiting for the automated call's such a smug little voice....grrrr.....


Okay, rant over. Hot Pocket eaten (so-so). Time to get back to cleaning.

CG got worried when I told him I was cleaning more today. He thought we were having company! I guess I should clean more than just when people are coming over.

***UPDATE*** Dish Net just called (no automation! Yippie!) and confirmed our 'appointment' tomorrow between 12:30 and 5. Now if I get another call switching times again, we're switching companies! :P

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